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This is likely the one aspect of our ministry that we are known the most for...

Whether it's games, bible stories, or illustrations, balloons are a big part of our ministry


No, it's NOT magic.  We make that very very clear to everyone in each of our services


and explain the differences.


Whether it is fast

upbeat music, slow

praise music, or instrumental music

for altar calls - it's

all to praise Jesus.


Making sure that

children (of all ages)

are reading the

Bible for themselves, understanding the

verses and memorizing them as well.

WWD Balloons


We are known as "the balloon people"! In a good way

Balloons are used in our Bible stories, parables, and other stories - and then given away to the children at the end of the event!  Any child will be good for the chance to take home one of these balloons.


We use the illusions to present a gospel message in a way that is exciting and very visual - praying that God will use that to keep the truth in their minds and hearts for the rest of their lives! 

We call our tricks, illusions - not magic for one simple reason - it is just a trick!  All the people you see on TV or anywhere else are just tricking your eyes and your mind - and we try to make that very clear to everyone we meet.  The Bible tells us very clearly to stay away from magic - witches, potions, spells - and so we do!!  We just do tricks - and hopefully do them well enough so that you can't see how we made it work:)

WWD Illusions


From fun, exciting and moving to slower praise songs...

Music is a fun way to share God's truth - and sometimes we do that with songs that have a strong beat and lots of actions to them.  Other times, the music is slower and it's just a chance to praise God together.

WWD Music

Memory Verses

Exciting, fun, and memorable. We use games and activities to help teach the word of God

We try to make sure we are staying true to what the Bible says.  Most services will have at least one key Bible verse that will go along with the lesson, and the Bible story told each time.  If we have the time, we will go over the memory verse in a fun, repetitive way to help the children memorize the verse.  At the very least, we always encourage them to continue to memorize Scripture on their own.  It's important to hide God's Word in our hearts.

WWD Memory Verses
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