Red Nose Ministries, Inc. dba Big Blast Ministries is a children's and family evangelism team.  We strongly believe that God wants us to do everything we can to bring people into His kingdom.  We would like to do this for your church.

I Corinthians 9:22 says;

"I have become all things to all men
so that by all possible means
I might save some!"

Statistics say that 85% of all Christians accepted Christ as their Savior before they were 9 years old!  This places a huge responsibility on our churches to reach children while the chance of them becoming a Christian is so high.  Is your church doing everything possible to reap this bountiful harvest?

We would like to help you!

We use illusions, balloons, music, games, scripture memorization, Bible stories to reach people for Christ.  Our message is simple, Biblical-based, and very visual.  We can either come as "people" (clowns in disguise) or as "clowns".  We work with the church to make sure that we provide the kind of program you are looking for.

Our services are high energy, upbeat, and fun so when the message is presented the children are ready to hear. Our services can include performing illusions, singing songs, doing a fun Bible verse memorization, telling a balloon story, and we always present a Gospel message. We’ve found that if the children are not excited about being there, they won’t be excited about hearing that God wants to be their best friend.

We can also do events and services as Christian clowns. That’s right CLOWNS. Ima Goof and Holly Bibble are as much fun as a barrel of monkeys, but when it comes to the gospel message, they are very serious and the children listen to them. The Gospel is presented in an unusual way that grabs the attention of young and old.  BUT, we do NOT have to come as clowns!! (maybe 'clowns in disguise' is better for you).
What Do We Do

What DOES Big Blast Ministries do??  We use illusions, balloon sculptures to tell a Bible story, puppets, drawings, music and a ton of fun to tell people about Jesus in a number of different denominations for ALL age groups.
Click on the videos below to see for yourself.....

Balloon Bible Stories
Altar Calls
A promo video from StarShip Nova (one of the programs we created for services).......