We could tell you that we are good -
but that wouldn't mean very much.
Instead please read what others have told us -
and please feel free to contact any one
or several of these people for more information!
call us and ask if there is anyone in your area
that has seen our ministry first-hand.
(Note:  some of the references refer to
Red Nose Ministries, which was our
ministry name for a few years).

Pastor Dave Fulks
Senior Pastor
Adrian First Church of the Nazarene,
Adrian MI
(517) 263-1579
I write this letter today as a letter of recommendation for Big Blast Ministries.  I have found the Raeburns to be wonderful people to work with who have a genuine heart for ministry. This is more than “just a job to them.” They love kids, are innovative, make full use of the public altar, and love the Lord greatly.  I found them to be genuine and authentic. They are, in short, lovely people.  They hold the attention of the children while using the Bible as the backbone of their lessons. They also do not hesitate to intentionally lead children into an understanding of salvation with a public call to that salvation. I would not hesitate to call them in the future. 
If you have any questions that I can answer personally, please do not hesitate to call me directly at the Adrian First Church of the Nazarene (517-263-1579).  May God bless you as you seek His will for your life.
Kathy Brace,
Children's Director
Knox Presbyterian Church, Ann Arbor, MI
734-761-5669 or kbrace@knoxannarbor.org
"Steve and Janet Raeburn, as Red Nose Ministries, are fun with a purpose. Their illusions, jokes, and audience participation combined with scripture application set the stage for fun and learning. Their attitude about what they do is lighthearted.  Their attitude about Whom they serve is serious. Steve and Janet's ministry will make your church kids think and their friends more curious about God."
Dr. Stephen T. Anthony, Eastern Michigan Nazarene previous District Superintendent
PO Box 608, Fenton, MI  48430 or (810) 750-4080 or emdds@emdnaz.org
"It is with pleasure that I recommend to you Rev. Steve and Rev. Janet Raeburn of BIG BLAST MINISTRIES for Children’s workers in your church. The Raeburns are innovative, creative and dedicated ministers who easily capture the attention of children and adults alike. I have used them numerous times in our Children’s Camping program and have always been delighted with their ministry. It has also been my privilege to recommend them to pastors and churches for special children’s services across our district. I have always received glowing reports of their work. You will not be disappointed in BIG BLAST MINISTRIES."
Rev. Rebecca R. Battershell, Children's Pastor,
Huntington First Church of the Nazarene, Huntington, IN
(260) 356-1614 or bbattershell@huntfirstnaz.org
"Steve and Janet Raeburn conducted several workshops at our district Sunday school training day.  They did a great job teaching our children’s workers how to use balloons and clowning in children’s ministry.  They also did a workshop on scripture memory and participated in a roundtable discussion.   Steve is extremely talented in balloon sculptures!  He explained how he uses these remarkable sculptures to drive home the Biblical point in a lesson.   It is apparent that Steve and Janet have a heart for ministering to children.  In their training sessions, they worked together as a team.  Steve and Janet recognize the importance of reaching children with unique techniques.  My husband and I had the privilege of hosting Steve, Janet and their two lovely boys in our home.  It was a joy to meet such a lovely, Christian family who make ministering to children a priority!"
Rev. Eric Ward,
Pastor to Families with Children
Sparta Church of the Nazarene, Sparta  MI
(248) 673-5911 or PastorEric@comcast.net

"We have had Big Blast Ministries as revival speakers at Williams Lake Church of the Nazarene twice and I have personally seen them ministering to children on a number of other occasions. I have never encountered a better children's evangelist anywhere (including the better known children's evangelists I have seen at various conferences and such). Pastor Steve and Pastor Janet not only lead children in worship, but they also make personal connections with the children as they do so.
By the second day of our revival they had already learned the names of many of our children.  I was able to pray with many children who came to the altar in response to the ministry of Pastors Steve and Janet.  Some of those children accepted Christ into their hearts and others drew closer to Jesus in the course of a revival that had to be extended because of the ways in which the Spirit of God was moving and the response from our community towards that movement.
After the revival was over, the children at Williams Lake asked if they could pray for Pastor Steve, Pastor Janet, and their two boys David and Adam.  In the months that followed I heard kids mention various lessons they had taught. Our kids remembered more than just the balloons; they remembered the encounter with Jesus. Some of them, will probably remember that for the rest of their lives as they remember the day Jesus came into their heart.  It is clear that God has laid His blessings on Big Blast Ministries and they are sharpened tools in His hands.  I would recommend them to anyone who wants to see children encountering Christ in a new way."
Melissa Hess, one of the parents we met at a special retreat weekend, sent us this e-mail regarding what her chldren had learned during some of the sessions we had especially for children:
"Our 3 oldest children, Colin, Tobin, and Jadyn, attended the last Waiting School with us and were a part of your Children's Ministry.  I meant to email you shortly after we got home to tell you what a wonderful time they had, and how much we appreciated your work and dedication.  My husband is a public school teacher, as was I before I became a stay-at-home-mom.  We can identify with the exhaustion you undoubtedly experienced.
I could go on and on about what a great job you did, but something that happened with Colin (who is 8 yrs old) this week is the best testimony of how God is using your ministry.  We were reading out of Romans Ch. 7 this week as a part of his homeschooling.  I said, "So, tell me what you got out of that," (as I normally would say).  So he starts telling me, and then he stops and says, "Well, it's kind of like sanctification."  And then he proceeds to explain sanctification to me.  I almost couldn't believe my ears!  I said, "Where did you learn so much about sanctification?"  His answer--The Waiting School.  I was blown away.
So...keep up the great work--God is using you in amazing ways!  We are planning to attend the next Waiting School, so we will see you there! :)
Melissa Hess, parent" chamel97@insightbb.com
Rev. Don & Susan Frey
Senior Pastor & Children's Director
South Flint Nazarene,  Burton, Michigan (810) 742-6061
It is my pleasure to recommend to you Pastors Steve & Janet Raeburn.  It is getting harder and harder to find good children's workers.  We made a decision to invite them to our "Halloween Alternative" this year and were very pleased.  All the children who came were very excited.  They have several years of experience and definitely know what works with boys and girls.  They had an evening of fun things and enough Gospel message to send the children home with some eternal things they will never forget.  If you need a recommendation, please feel free to contact us.        Joyfully Serving Him,   Don & Susan Frey
Jim Quales,
Childrens Ministry Director
Reed City Church of the Nazarene, Reed City, MI
231-832-5871 or rcchnaz@thinkextreme.net
"We at RCCN would like to highly recommend Red Nose Ministries to your next children's event!  This family comes with a spirit to serve and a heart for winning the whole family to Jesus. Their God given talent to minister to children is a great blessing.  Our children enjoyed the ballooning and the illusions. You will not be disappointed with their ministry."

Pastor Velvet Colliflower   Associate Pastor
West Broad Church of the Nazarene, Columbus OH
(614) 876-2301  or velvet.colliflower@yahoo.com
Red Nose Ministry was the very best thing we have done for our kids in a long time. Our goal was to reach kids who never came to church, who may never have heard of Jesus. That is exactly what happened at our Children's Crusade this past June when Pastor Steve and Pastor Janet came.  Along with David and Adam they ministered to many new kids as well as our regular kids, that made sure their friends were invited. Every child enjoyed the balloons, the illusions and the Bible Memory games. Many children knelt at an altar of prayer each night and some even made life changing commitments for Jesus by accepting Him into their hearts. The time was fun, exciting and beneficial to the Kingdom of God. We highly recommend Red Nose Ministries to those looking for something really special for their kids.
Diane Gilmore,
Children's Director
Keystone Community Church, Saline, MI
734-944-5397 or kndgilmore@tc3net.com
"The clowns did a fantastic job of keeping ALL of the kids entertained (including myself). We had about 60 kids aged 4 years to 4th grade and none of them got bored! They threw some new twists into some old routines that even took me by surprise.  The children enjoyed a time of singing, dancing & laughter and walked away with not only fun memories of a great night, but also biblical stories and a memory verse. I would recommend them to any church that is looking to help children lear about God and the Bible in new and fun ways."
Pastor Dave Wermuth,
Senior Pastor
Vassar Church of the Nazarene, Vassar, MI
989-823-8697 or vasnaz@tds.net
"I would recommend Steve and Janet Raeburn also known as the "Red Nose Ministries" to any church fellowship.  They have a great ministry especially with 'kids' and they also relate to the adults in your church.  God is using them in ministry."
Pastor Bob Moulding,
Senior Pastor
New Covenant Church,
South Lyon  MI
"It has been my pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Steve and Janet Raeburn for the last five years as our Children’s Ministry Director.  Their creativity and sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit has allowed them to minister to the needs of the individual child, even in a large group.  Through the use of balloons, or illusions, or their simple presentation of the Gospel story, they draw kids to Christ.  I would not hesitate to recommend Steve and Janet for a Children’s Crusade, Revival, Vacation Bible School or just a special service honoring your children. Red Nose Ministries will not only entertain your kids but they will invite them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ."

Rev. Glenn Duncan,
Gilmour Memorial Baptist Church, Peterborough, Ontario,
"Steve and Janet Raeburn presented the good news of Jesus' love for us with fun and high energy during the sermon time of our Sunday morning service.  They were able to speak to people ranging in age from preschoolers to retirement and everything in between and easily hold their attention. They used a wide variety of illusions, music and the most amazing balloon art I have seen.  Their presentation was interactive with every member of our congregation.  Our children easily understood the deep truths that were being taught, but it was our adults who most obviously responded to God speaking in their hearts through Steve and Janet.  We thank God for their ministry among us."
Pastor Ron Graeflin,
Children's Pastor,
Flint Central Church of the Nazarene,
Flint MI:
"Steve & Janet Raeburn have a ministry that keenly interests children and adults.  They present a well rounded and highly talented ministry that is highlighted with an anointed sensitivity that helps bring children to a commitment to Christ."
Dr. Dottie Miller,
Children's Pastor,
Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church,
Spring Arbor  MI
517-756-2400 or DCMDottie@aol.com:
"'Mr. Steve' has been at our church in Spring Arbor, MI twice, and we will most definitely have him back again. Steve works with his wife to keep kids on the edge of their seats in anticipation of what is coming next. He uses great variety, and the anticipation of the kids for something unexpected is wonderful. Even though we have at least our share of kids who challenge the system, they are able to keep them involved. His work is interactive, and challenging in great spiritual context. I highly recommend this wonderful team of childrens ministers."
Esther Rohl,
Children's Director
Columbus Free Methodist Church, Columbus OH
berohly@hotmail.com :
"Steve Raeburn came to our church and put on a V.B.S. program. The material he used was attention getting. The children loved his illusions and came back night after night to see what he would do next. The songs he did with the children were songs children love to sing. Each song had some motions with it. The children as well as the adults enjoyed our worship time. The gospel was presented every night with the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Over all V.B.S. was a success."
Jane Ream,
Senior Pastor,
Living Waters First Church of the Nazarene, Ann Arbor  MI
517-263-1579, dickjane@tc3net.com :
"Recently we had Steve and Janet back to do a Sunday Children's crusade. Steve's ability to use illusions to share the gospel message is outstanding. He and Janet compliment each other very well in their ministry to children. Janet is a good musician and a great story teller. Steve also uses balloons very effectively with children."
Cora Gillett,
Children's Pastor
Howell Church of the Nazarene, Howell  MI
Church Office: 517-546-5500
"Steve and Jan Raeburn ministered to our children in Kids Church. They have a relaxed and wonderful way with kids. They are warm, accepting and kind. Their presentation held the interest of the children and they were "with them" in the story and illusions. Our children still talk about the day Mr. Steve was here. It is obvious in watching their interaction with children that they are God called and anointed for Children's Ministry. I would highly recommend them as Children's leaders".
Lauren Lamoreaux,
Light and Life Christian School, Taylor  MI
313-292-1660 ext. 219
"Our school had the blessing of Steve Raeburn's ministry through illusions, balloons and speaking during our elementary school’s "Spiritual Emphasis Week." Our three services were filled with wonder and amazement through his teachings. By the end of the week the children were ready to accept Steve’s invitation to ask Jesus into their hearts and/or devote their lives to Him.
I send my recommendation along with Steve and his ministry wherever the Lord takes him. Many lives were changed and truly blessed as a result of this experience."
Vaughn Robart,
Associate Pastor Children & Youth Ministries
Dearborn Free Methodist Church, Dearborn  MI
The Raeburns/RedNose Ministries are creative, top notch performers who engage children and adults alike as they use Biblical stories, skits and interactive activities during their presentation. I would highly recommend them for their talent as well as for their heart for children and their passion for changing lives for Christ.

Rev. Janice Duce,
Assistant Pastor,
Monroe First Nazarene
Monroe  MI
JaniceLDuce@aol.com :
"We were very pleased with the ministry of Steve and Janet Raeburn with our children. An entertaining and inspiring program captured and held the children's attention. We rejoiced to see the altars lined each night. As the gospel was communicated at a child's level some were saved, and many others made a greater commitment to Christ."
An email from an adult who had been in a church service led by Big Blast Ministries that morning, Roxanna IL
"this mornings service really shook me to the core ..i realize that i am not living to my potential..i would like to know how i can regain control and follow the path that god has for me..
i felt so ashamed of who i am that i started to cry..i thought i was on the right path..until i heard this mornings service..and realize i fall short on multiple levels..
that would explain allot..as to my short comings  i need to find a way back to him..before its too late..
there are many things about me i don't understand and every now and then i am  shaken by the word and don't know how to respond..
i believe god is at work in my life ..but for some reason i have fallen off course...
please help me re connect..or tell me how ..."