Where We Buy Balloon and Balloon Supplies

T Myers Magic: www.tmyers.com This is where we get the vast majority of our balloons and things from - they have great customer service.

La Rocks Magic: www.larocksmagic.com
Illusion Supplies

Duane & Mary Laflin: www.LaflinMagic.com  or

Creative Art Store: www.CreativeArtStore.com This store carries CLOWN items also.

Illusion Warehouse: www.IllusionWarehouse.com This online store carries a variety of illusions, but if you look under "Gospel Magic" there are a few things there.
Clown Props, Make-up, Wigs and Clown Magic Tricks

Bubba Sikes: www.BubbaSikes.com
Music That We Use

"Get Funky" song: this song is sometimes called 'The Funky Monkey', but the real title is "Get Funky" from the CD 'Get Funky' by The Learning Station - we got it through www.BubbaSikes.com.  Or try www.LearningStationMusic.com for other CD's by this group (mostly for younger kids).

"Jesus the Soccer Star" & "I'm Just Gonna Praise You" songs: from the CD 'You're a VIP with GOD' by Rob Biagi - www.RobBiagi.com online store.

"One Way" song: from the CD 'Hillsong Kids Super Strong God' by Hillsong - Amazon or a local Christian bookstore.

"I Just Wanna Be a Sheep" & "Father Abraham" songs:  from the CD 'Goin' Glowbal' by K.C. & the Gloworms available through www.GloMinistries.com online store (Glo Gear).

Christian Balloon Artists with Books and Videos

Ralph Dewey: www.flash.net/~balloonz/ These books not only show you how to twist the balloons, but give you a gospel application for the balloon as well.

John M Holmes: Bloonman@balloonhq.com
or Bloonman@airmail.net John has many different videos available for the advanced Christian twister.

One Way Street: www.onewaystreet.com They carry a good, cheap balloon DVD.   (although we have one of our own now though that is even less expensive!! - email us for details).

Organizations To Help You Learn

Fellowship of Christian Magicians: www.fcm.org This organization has local chapters in many different states.  If you would like to learn how to use balloons, illusions, puppets, chalk art, etc. to reach people for Christ - this is a great place to start.

Michigan Twisters Group: www.MichiganTwistersGroup.com If you live in Michigan and are interested in learning more about twisting balloons, this site will keep you up to date on when and where the group is meeting and holding balloon jams and/or classes.  This is not a Christian organization, but it is a good place to learn.

Links to Other Sites You May Want to Go to;