Q.  Do you really do magic?

A. We always make sure that the children understand that we do illusions, NOT magic.  We only do tricks that will fool your eyes and mind. No matter what you see IT IS A TRICK!  Jesus Christ can perform miracles. If you let him, He can really change your heart and life today!  Pastor Steve and Pastor Janet do NOT have any special powers, we do not use potions or anything else like that - and we make that very clear in our presentations.
Q.  What do you charge for a service or an event?

A. We want to do what God has called us to do and will work with your church or group to see if there is any way we can make it work.  We are doing this full time and so have obligations to our family as well.  Please call us and talk with us.  It will vary depending on if you want us as clowns or 'people', how many services you need us for and how long each service may be.  Please let us know these things when you contact us.  Generally, our guidelines are as follows - our board of directors has suggested we ask for reimbursements of expenses (meals for our family of five and mileage) and a place to stay for our family (either hotel or home), as well as $300 for the first service and then $200 for each consecutive service after that - but again, please call us to see what God has in mind!!  He knows best.
Q:  What workshops do you teach?

A: We have taught workshops on balloons for beginners and advanced classes, fun ways to do scripture memorization, been involved in roundtable discussions, what to do after the great event, how to have a great event, some great games to play, and some simple illusions for church workers to do.  We are open to teaching your teens some of these things one night and then leading a service the next day for your church as well.
Q:  How far do you book in advance?

A: We will book out as far in advance as you would like.  We continue to pray that God will guide us and that we only accept those bookings that He has in mind for us.  We can put some dates down in "pencil" for you, but as soon as another church or group asks us about those dates, we will need to know for sure whether or not you want to book us for that time.  Feel free to click on the "Calendar" link along the left-hand side to check our calendar..
Q:  What do you do?

A: We use the talents and gifts we believe God has given us to reach people, especially kids, for Christ.  We come as 'people' (NOT as clowns, unless specified ahead of time) through the use of balloon sculptures, music, illusions, Bible stories, memory verses, and a lot of fun tell people about Jesus Christ.  Unless the church or group specifically asks us NOT to, we will always have an altar call at the end of each service we lead.  You just never know which person or child will not be back the next night to hear the gospel and we want to give them a chance to make that choice right now!  We have done camps, Vacation Bible Schools, revivals, family revivals, healings, special events, fall festivals, school kick-offs, special Sunday morning services (for either everyone or just the kids), evening services, devotionals, etc. - plus we teach workshops and lead training sessions on a number of different subjects.
Frequently Asked Questions